Friday, September 13, 2019

This Blog Exists to Affirm Faith in Our Country, Our President, 
and Almighty God.


The Democrats' Performance in the Debates Proves Conclusively that God CONTINUES to SHED HIS GRACE on the United States of America.

Let Us Pray the Electorate Will Pick Up Its Cues and Vote Accordingly



    General Flynn Goes On Offense Against The Deep State

    Power Line

    by John Hinderaker

    Several months ago, General Michael Flynn replaced his original defense team with Sidney Powell, a Texas lawyer who is a veteran of the Department of Justice and author of Licensed To Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. Powell is a self-promoter, but she also appears to be a very good lawyer. She certainly is aggressive. Powell has launched an all-out attack against Flynn’s prosecutors, whom she regards as dishonest and corrupt. Given what we have learned about the involvement of the FBI and DOJ in the Russia collusion hoax, there is no reason to think she is wrong.

    1. I hope Flynn will be able to counter sue for Millions.


    1. A good message, but as a BUMPERSTICKER it would probably cause a lot of accidents, don't you think?

      A little big for a T-Shirt, BUT maybe worth a try?

  3. I’m a Democrat. After watching Kamala Harris talk, I’ve decided I’ll be voting for … Donald Trump.

    1. Good for you! Welcome to the world of Sanity Regained.


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    1. What didn't yo understand about this statement?


  5. Another hateful and intolerant liberal asshole falls flat on his face! And I'm Freaking Loving it! Fired from his job as CFO :clap2:

    Funny how liberals claim to be tolerant but are the most intolerant assholes in the world. They have tried to get Rush Limbaugh thrown off the air, Glenn Beck banned, and wanted Chick-Fliet-A closed.

    If you believe in tolerance, then that includes tolerating those that don't agree with you

    1. I generally agree, but don't you think it would be better fo r"US" to emphasize the GOOD things "WE" have to offer instead of always denigrating the Opposition?

      After all, THEY are doing a great job of making fools of themselves. so "WE" just look '"Mean and Nasty? when w pile on with a lot of invective.

      I realize we've all been "nagatvized" to a fair thee well, but it really would be MUCH better for "US," if we cultivated a sweeter, friendlier, more good-humored , light-heartedway of expressing "OUR" views

      Not scolding, just suggesting. };^)>

      Be well!

    2. "WE" must practice TOLERANCE too –– at least to a degree. If we DON'T we become MIRROR IMAGES of the MONSTERS e despise and fear.

  6. After watching those Gun grabbing, socialism and higher taxes with more promises of we can keep our doctor clown car I think that the Democrats will be lucky to win California.

  7. Given the current platform, as well as having a moslem vermin American enemy number 1 who stole unbelievable amounts of money, I conclude that anyone who is still calling themselves Democrat are criminally insane. There is no other way to look at it.

    1. Not quite, Kid. I understand your feelngs very well –– and share most of them, as you know –– but I happen ro have many friends of longstanding who are Democrats –– some even go so far as to call themselves "Proud Progressives!" –– but because I've known most of these people for several decades, and have enjoyed a warm, personal relationship with most of them –– a wonderful thing I cherish, and don't want to abandon for mere "political" dfferences –– I have cme to believe that ALL of them, –– probably because they earned degrees at universities in the POISON IVY LEAGUE –– have been SEDUCED and systematically BRAINWASHED by the Cultural Marxist Ethos that took over those once-great institutions of higher learning long before you and I were born.

      As a result several generations of young minds have been suborned by the EVIL IDEOLOGY brought to our shores by members of the Frankfurt School.

      Since most of us are FOLLOWERS by nature, and NOT LEADERS, what has happened is the inevitable result of OUR stupidity in allowing the "FOXES" of the FRANKFURT SCHOOL –– and their rabidly malcontented disciples –– to guard the "HENHOUSES" of American Higher Education.

      Therefore, I recommend PITYING these foolish people, but not condemning them outright on any personal level.

      What we need to do is treat Victims of the POISON IVY LEAGUE as members of a SATANIC CULT in desperate need of DEPROGRAMMING.

    2. Yup... deprogramming is most definitely a desirable goal.

      George Orwell was prophetic indeed.

      And so many said it couldn't happen here.


    3. "It" can happen ANYWHERE, because Human Nature is flawed, and is too easily attracted to the meretricious, the bogus, the perverse, and alluring, and is at the same likely to follow the paths of least resistance. Always looking for Short-Cuts, the Easy Way Out, and clever ways to ratinalize avoiding hard work and taking full responsibility for the decisions we make.

      These terrible tendencies are what ALL of us must constantly fight within ourselves, but too few realize it today, because we ABANDONED traditional, time-tested precepts of Moral Education very soon after we ABANDONED Faith in God as the strongest, most basic tenet of our Belief System.

  8. NOTE: Always in Watch has isted a beautiful orcestral versin of Solveig's Song from the Incidental Music to Henrik Ibsen's 1876 play Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg. I've added an English translation of the original Danish lyrics, a few comments and a link to a wonderful performance of the original version by Norwegian soprano Nerita Holberg.

    AOW's "Musical Interludes" provide a resfreshing respite most of the time from the incessant aggravation that comes with obsessive-compulsive turbulence, acrimony and dyspepsia that accompanies grousing about politics.

    GO to ALWAYS ON WATCH, spend five or aix minutes and LISTEN! I'm sure it'll do you good.



    ________ On New Year’s Day ________

    Our hope would be to take the roadblocks down
    No more to have to hide behind the walls
    Negativity built with a frown,
    Even though she smiles in gleaming halls
    Welcoming all with fawning falsity,
    Yet yearning all the while for something solid.
    Excitement dies in stuffy halls at tea,
    As hypocrisy makes discourse witless, stolid.
    Rarely may we speak without a filter.
    ‘Tis safer not, lest someone take offense.
    So, fearing to be thought bizarre –– off kilter ––
    Daft –– depraved –– or simply too intense ––
    A fear of ostracism serves P-C,
    Yielding a moribund society.

    ~ FreeThinke

  10. So now America is energy independent Chief Big Lie Warren wants to eliminate the Fossil Fuel industry which will decimate our economy. Do you ever notice these Socialist Democrats NEVER say what they want to replace our energy needs with. Does any of these nitwits like Warren or that old curmudgeon Bernie Sanders talk about taking on communist China? Hell no - its the Democrats platform to attack America at all costs and damn the Facts which reports have confirmed China puts out 30% of the worlds pollutants to the United States 15%! But according to Democrats, America is always the problem!

    They also want to eliminate our individual health insurance coverage with some BIG Government Bureaucracy who will dole out our health coverage for our families, but again no real details.

    The solution is simple send these Socialist to the trash bin and re-elect President Donald J Trump who continues to win on all fronts for EVERY American! KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IN 2020!!!

    1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, OF COURSE, but what POSITIVE policy odeas does anyone (other than President TRUMP) have to CONtERACT all that fearsome NEGATIVITY?

      If all "WE" do is complain about "thEM," then "WE" are no better than THEY.

      I wish more could understand that.

  11. Once again Cowardly House Democrats because they know an Impeachment Investigation wouldn't pass in the House so they just change the rules to suit them. If the House Democrat leadership wants to Impeach our President let them try but they know its a loser!

    What does our Congressman,Paul Tonko do - NOTHING! He sits by allowing Democrats to VIOLATE THE RULES OF THE HOUSE so they can continue they're harassment of our President to keep the Witch Hunt in front of the press.

    Tonko is just an errand boy for Nancy Pelosi, he no longer represents the interests of our District. 2020 will soon be here so we can usher out the old stale liberal Tonko and we can finally get the representation we have long deserved.

    1. We've gotta AC-CEN-tu-ate the POSITIVE
      E-LIM-i-nate the NEGATIVE
      And don't fool with Mr. INBETWEEN . . .

  12. So the latest victim of Justice Brett Kavanaugh has no recollection of the incident. The person making the accusation is Max Stier. Who you ask?
    A classmate,who by the way represented Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky incident


  14. 1) Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, the authors of The New York Times hit piece against Kavanaugh, never spoke with his accuser, Max Stier.

    2) The woman Max Stier claims was Justice Kavanaugh’s victim says she has no memory of the incident.

    3) Kavanaugh’s accuser, Max Stier, was Bill Clinton’s attorney and defended him in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case brought against Clinton.

    4) Miz Pogrebin and Miz Kelly make no mention of any of the above in their piece…or in their soon-to-be-released book.

    5) Did I mention Miz Pogrebin and Miz Kelly have already written a book about the scurrilous Kavanaugh accusation?

    They doubtless hope it will be a New York Times best-seller.

    1. I stlli insist onaccntuating the PISTIVIE.

      I'm absolutely POSITIVE that this latest media-generated brouhaha over Justice Brett Kavanaugh is pure unadulterated BS, aren't you?

      So why can't we just LEAVE IT at that?

      Responding to it is letting the Enemedia pull your strings and make you dance to THEIR tune.

      I say, DROP IT, KICK IT n the SLATS, STOMP on it, PEE on it, then ABANDON it.


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